My name is musa mukelwa simelane, born in 1990-29-01. Born and raised by the streets of my village. Writing had always been my hobby, thought the spark and flames descended when I was towards my teen years and it was later rekindled towards my high school life.

The life I lived on the streets inspired me to fight and paint my future with words.
My life was not flourishing in reality but once I had a paper and a pen I could paint my self as anything. Poetry became my therapist, poetry become my remedy. In poetry I am me.


Mumu Da Poet Poems

My Lover

my dreams bring your face closer to the heart of my palms.

When the moon whispered to the stars, I knew that love was born from my heart.... more »


beauty fades,
smile dies,
curves buried within the wrinkles,
beautiful wrinkles creating a beautiful maze on her face,... more »

I Miss You

millions of fights I've recorded with you,
Deep bruises that still bleeds even today,
Echoes of harmful words that corroded my sensitivity,
Cold nights, with rough blowing tongues,... more »

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Musa Simelane 18 May 2018 09:42
Wooow nice mumu
This is awesome you go big friend