• Brokenness


    A needle with a thread,
    Stitching my heart particles into one again,... more »

  • Floating Memory

    Today the radio played our song,
    Through this long distance and cold depth of space between us,
    I was forced to remember you,
    I looked next to the side of my bed where you used to lay,... more »

  • I Miss You

    millions of fights I've recorded with you,
    Deep bruises that still bleeds even today,
    Echoes of harmful words that corroded my sensitivity,
    Cold nights, with rough blowing tongues,... more »

  • It Wasn't

    The lips were intimately before we kiss,
    With all the French kisses all over,
    Her breast kept on inviting my hands,
    Her curvy body drowned my thoughts deeper in the sheets on love.... more »

  • It Will End In Tears

    we both know that this will end,
    We are both certain that we would never last,
    No matter how much flames, we have for each,
    But this, will never last,... more »

  • Let Me

    Let the rivers laugh, as we cohabit underit's influence,
    Let the stars rain light as we wander in the dark,
    Let the leaves store our struggles so they could perish in winter,
    Let the enchanting roads share testimonies of my sweat,... more »

  • Love

    beauty fades,
    smile dies,
    curves buried within the wrinkles,
    beautiful wrinkles creating a beautiful maze on her face,... more »

  • My Lover

    my dreams bring your face closer to the heart of my palms.

    When the moon whispered to the stars, I knew that love was born from my heart.... more »

  • On My Gloomy Days

    On my gloomy days

    When my soul had, endured it all.
    I sit beneath the essence of nature, curve along with the rivers of my village.... more »