MS murari sinha 01-01-1958

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Fish-Irrigated ০ Murari Sinha The signature of the afternoon gradually fades away Bearing the foot-prints offered by a lucky pot The new born happiness hangs around the edge of lips Busy eating hot omelet I'm still dwelling in my home-stead As if tied by shackles made of water Attached with me is a lot of my childhood a lot of swimming lessons Air painted by fish-fry I admit is earthen and sweet Soaked up by the evening is my tiredness hidden beneath my cloak My trigonometric figure daubs itself with the dripping womb from a moon June gloom Presents my ear The beats of Bangla-Dhak Even that has so many transformations sometimes to the invocation of the deity sometimes to the sacrifice of a he-goat sometimes to the immersion of idol Filled only with the cyclone of so many easily digestives is this fish-irrigated lifestyle
translated from Bengali original by Abhishek Sinha

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