MV Adjin Quotes

They say that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. But remember one of these elephants may end up losing a tusk.
Warning to the protagonists in Ghana's election dispute of 2012
By all means pray, but also think and work hard because God may want to use your 'head' and hands as the tools to answering your prayer.
Advice to religious zealots who spend all of their time at prayer camps in Ghana.
Where I come from, heaven seems farther away; our struggle to reach it must therefore be intense. But in Europe, you are just a step away from the place, and I can understand if your worship is rather stale.
A word to an European acquaintance who failed to appreciate the reason Africans are overly religious.
These happen everyday, but as they fall over themselves to sound the most appalled, remember they've stolen millions that could have made security better and given education and work to hopeless youth that are easily drawn to such horrible acts as the lynching of Capt. Mahama.
A rebuke of Ghana's elite and politicians about their exagerated shock at the mob lynching of an army captain in 2017.