My love loves me not Biography

My real name will not be mentioned. Only a hand full of people know this account is mine. Hell, all the people who know this is my account can be counted on on one hand. I really write horrible poems, but the poems I write are about one person specifically. It is the person that I loved. Her name is within the two of the poems I wrote. No hints given, save that one. The poems, however horrible, are from the bottom of my heart. Yes, I have been rejected, but my love for her hasn't changed. Fact is, I believe it has augmented (word for increase, people studying the SAT should know that =) I have no influence in this society. I am just a kid who quit video games. You may say, 'What do you know about love? ' I can only answer, 'It is how I feel at the moment for a person.' For that person, I can die for her.