• Aftermath

    The aftermath the worse of it.
    Cold wave fill your body and your heart.
    Yet, you still linger, feeling injured and hit.
    All planned, and written on your chart,... more »

  • How Many?

    How many breathes of 'O, my love' will it take to change your heart?
    How many days in the year will make you yearn for me?
    How many times do I have to cry for you to make you think of me?
    How many? O, how many?... more »

  • I Wait For My Love.

    My heart hungers,
    my heart aches.
    My thoughts wander,
    my thoughts wait.... more »

  • Lonely

    I live in my corner,
    thinking of her.
    Her eyes twinkle in the moon's light,
    compulsive as a lure.... more »

  • Love

    Love is a knife.
    It is sharp, yet sweet.
    It can take one's life,
    and allow the lovers in death to meet.... more »

  • Love Or Like?

    I have questioned myself:
    Am I truly in love or do I just like?
    My facial expressions, and my friends said it is only a crush,
    but my inner feelings say it is more than like.... more »

  • My Longing

    I long to kiss your lips,
    to hold your hand,
    to smell your hair.... more »

  • My Love For Her

    The girl that I love,
    has another in her mind.
    Her heart toward for him,
    and I left behind.... more »

  • Need For My Love

    I breathe a word,
    which none but one heard.
    I wait and wait, for I love her dear.
    But her heart has one, her own dear.... more »

  • No Other

    In life, one is the best.
    Can it be possible to have two?
    I think: nay.
    The heart for one is best, too.... more »

  • O, My Love

    O, my love, my love.
    What does it take,
    To make you change your mind for me,
    What does it take for the change to take place?... more »

  • Pain, Pain Go Away

    Pain, pain, go away,
    Come again another day,
    If you don't, I will say,
    Pain, pain go away.... more »

  • Rejected

    Cold are her words to me.
    A darkness that has shrouded the air.
    The words of rejection, and of no.
    Her eyes sparkled in the light of he.... more »