• Deep....... Kinda

    O honey o honey why must you leave
    The way that a circus might do
    with no formal warning you left me to grieve
    So with lovers I think that I’m thru... more »

  • If The Day Was Dark

    ... more »

  • Pressure Situation

    He stood at the line as the clock counts down
    They were down by three one minute left now
    He had two shots to make the score close
    But the only thing on his mind was please don’t choke! ! ! !... more »

  • Rbg

    What does it mean to me?
    Its red black green
    The colors our mother land sings... more »

  • The Game

    So many things come to mind when you have to write a rhyme
    Like basketball is my favorite sport the ball grind against the court and make that rhythmic beat
    Puling back to hit a jumper from about six feet
    If hit you will hear the crowd go crazy in your ear... more »

  • White

    To me white is the color of love
    White is the color of doves
    White means clean and pure
    A color that has endured... more »

  • Why Am I Alive

    Why am i alive, it seems i have no purpose
    I want to clear my mind, it feel just like a circus
    Chaos and panic are words that describe me
    Poise and rationale is where i strive to be... more »