Hello poets of poemhunter.
I really don't need to write this biography anyway because I feel that if someone wants to know about me, they should just ask me.
So if you want to know, just ask.


Mystykka Mysterious Poems


Why is poetry so boring?
Everytime I read it,
It leaves me snoring,
Why is poetry so boring?... more »

Please Come Back To Me

Sittin in the car
One spring break afternoon
Knowin u couldn't be far
And that I'd see you soon... more »

My Angel

You'll always be my angel
Of happiness and love
You'll always be my angel
Looking at me from above.... more »

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Comments about Mystykka Mysterious

o.0Mystykka Mysterious0.o 19 Jul 2013 11:10
^ Thanks. :) I seem to recall you saying that before.
Dylon Cain 10 Apr 2013 08:20
Hey you, I don't know if I ever said this...but very nice poems. :)