• He

    He was the most dreadful name,
    Everything agreed the same,
    When they felt his horrid wrath.
    Such a lonely way it is,... more »

  • He Just Doesn'T Understand

    I think one thing
    He thinks another
    Now it seems as if
    We can't even be lovers... more »

  • His Fear

    No one has ever spoken of it,
    But there is a way,
    He will never hit,
    And will start to fade away.... more »

  • 'How Things Used To Be': A Memoir

    I remember the times when I was happy. I remember making those long recordings. I remember those never ending days with Grandma that I still have to put up with. I remember that night, the last time I ever played that childish game, but incorrectly. But above all, I remember the very next day…

    Twas’ a while ago,
    But still leaves me so,... more »

  • I Have To Pee!

    One day I was sitting in my chair
    Playing with my hair
    When an urge was inflicted upon me.
    What's that yellow stuff?... more »

  • I Love You

    How was your day?
    I've not much to say,
    But I miss you so.
    What's it like there?... more »

  • I Still Love You

    I couldn't even if I wanted to
    Imagine ever letting you go
    But there's not much to say about you
    You already did and I know... more »

  • I Suppose

    I've given up everything for you
    I thought you were different
    I thought you were true
    But for some reason... more »

  • I Thought...

    I thought you would be true
    I thought I loved you
    I thought you loved me
    But I guess I couldn't see... more »

  • I Wonder

    This I wonder if you could
    Stay with me boy if you would
    I'll be waitin for you here
    Come to me this time this year... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    I couldn't begin to tell you,
    How many times I've screwed up.
    But I'm sorry for all those times,
    And I know sorry is not enough.... more »

  • In My Dreams

    There's a place that I know
    I'd love to take you
    But I can't because you're not allowed to go
    You can't break through... more »

  • In Silence

    You walk back to school one day in silence
    And you think that no one cares
    But you're all alone in silence
    No one notices you're there... more »

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration is a funny thing
    Comes to you in dreams
    Seems like everything at once
    Overwhelming, like a dunce... more »

  • Just Like The Rain

    Just like the rain,
    That pours from the sky,
    My love for you will never die.... more »

  • Just To See You

    I get so excited
    Just to see you
    And when we're hanging out
    Just for a few... more »

  • Kristy, Kristy...

    Kristy, Kristy...
    What can I say?
    You are at my house everyday! ! !
    I can't write a poem to you,... more »

  • Life's Dance

    In truth, I could live without you,
    But that wouldn't be a life worth living.
    Since you've been away,
    My head went astray,... more »

  • Losing

    It used to be
    That we were so close
    Now it seems
    It's not how it's supposed.... more »

  • Love Can Find Me Now

    Every moment in
    Your life you see
    How beautiful love
    Can truly be... more »

  • Me And You

    On my bed,
    Thinking of you,
    Of what you said,
    And wondering if it's true.... more »

  • Move On

    I finally can write,
    I finally can draw,
    I'm so glad that,
    I'm finally through with it all.... more »

  • My Angel

    You'll always be my angel
    Of happiness and love
    You'll always be my angel
    Looking at me from above.... more »

  • My Home

    I found a home
    On a shore far away
    In space in a place
    Where angels and demons play... more »

  • Nothing Lasts Forever

    Another day I wait,
    Til' I see your face,
    I still don't know why,
    I'm waitin' in this place.... more »