• Please Come Back To Me

    Sittin in the car
    One spring break afternoon
    Knowin u couldn't be far
    And that I'd see you soon... more »

  • Poetry

    Why is poetry so boring?
    Everytime I read it,
    It leaves me snoring,
    Why is poetry so boring?... more »

  • Push Me Away

    Another day has gone by
    I've been sitting here asking why
    There's never anything to do
    This is what I'm asking you... more »

  • Sitting By A Tree

    As the clouds pass,
    I want this moment to last.
    As the trees blow,
    I wish you could know.... more »

  • Something

    I think now that it seems pointless
    Because I've thought about it so long
    Now I don't have anything to confess
    So right now nothing's wrong... more »

  • Still Burning...

    As if my life isn't ruined enough because of you
    Why do you continue to make it a living hell?
    Now if you even loved me or not
    Is still a mystery as well.... more »

  • Take My Hand Tonight

    One day when I was thinking of you
    I had a dream that I wish would come true
    It was about me and you and how we used to be
    Then I thought again one day... more »

  • That Heartbreaking Mistake

    There was I time I thought
    When everything was good
    That he loved me
    I loved him... more »

  • The Bride's Curse

    Far out of sight where the carcass lay,
    Soon the horrid curse will start to fade,
    Upon the beautiful bride.
    It happened on her wedding day,... more »

  • The Goodbye Note

    I'm sorry it had to go this way
    But I couldn't bear looking at you today
    I just miss you so much
    You no longer can I touch... more »

  • The Noun Song

    There are many types of different nouns
    Plurals, possessives, and compounds
    But today we are doing specific nouns
    Listen first then sing it around!... more »

  • The Possibilities Of Ice

    One day at school
    I decided to put a pool
    Of ice water over Mrs. Stuart's desk
    When she sat down in the chair... more »

  • The Secret Question

    I've got something to tell you,
    But I don't know what to say.
    I've been trying to tell you,
    That I think about you everyday.... more »

  • The Song

    When I came here I came here
    I came here to find
    That one little girl
    That is hidden behind... more »

  • The Trench

    I'm trapped.
    This trench has swallowed me.
    Dark, muddy, yet I can see the light.
    It's taunting me,... more »

  • The Ugly Duckeling

    Have you ever had a dream,
    Where it obviously seems,
    That your love should be with someone else?
    He seems oblivious,... more »

  • The Unforgettable Night

    Your fingers running through my hair
    Lips pecking my neck so light
    Oh my gosh it feels so right
    Please oh please never end this night... more »

  • The Worst Day Of My Life

    Come take me away
    I wanna give in
    I wanna shout today
    This day has been evil enough... more »

  • Things I'D Like To Say

    ... more »

  • Three Words

    Today I wanted to write you a note
    But I didn't know what to say
    There's just so much to tell you
    That I couldn't tell in a single day... more »

  • Through The Black And White

    Through the black and white,
    The dark and the light,
    There always is a gray,
    When the colors fade away.... more »

  • To You...

    ... more »

  • Together Forever

    Where are you now?
    I'm thinking of you.
    Could anything now,
    Maybe come true?... more »

  • Turkey Massacre

    Everything was fine in Turkeyville,
    Until Bob ran over the hill.
    We heard a loud boom,
    And something go vroom,... more »

  • Untitled

    ... more »