• Vow For Eternity

    You will never know how much
    You mean to me,
    More than the sky,
    More than the sea,... more »

  • Waiting

    Another day I must wait
    Until you are really mine
    And I will gladly open the gate
    When it comes the time... more »

  • Was It Real?

    My hopes fall like ashes
    When I think about losing you,
    But then my tears fall like rain
    On a cold, frozen window pane,... more »

  • When Dreams Don'T Come True

    One day I woke up
    Everything was messed up
    Somehow I wish I could fix it
    But that's a dream that will never come true... more »

  • Will You Answer Tonight

    I call every night just out of the minute possibility I may hear your voice.
    My heart skips a beat as it begins ringing, but falls once I hear that noise.
    Or, that thing you may refer to as your voicemail.
    I wait for you to return the call,... more »

  • Will You Be The One?

    Will you be there for me,
    Whenever I fall?
    Will you be there with me,
    To help me through it all?... more »

  • Wishing For A Dream That Will Never Come True

    ... more »

  • You

    You're the only guy I see
    That's truly right for me
    You're the only guy in my eyes
    What a big surprise... more »

  • You Can'T Know

    We're best friends,
    Until the end.
    But I'm jealous of you.
    I don't want you to know,... more »

  • You Stole My Heart Away

    All I have to say,
    Is you stole my heart away,
    And I trusted you,
    What was I supposed to do?... more »