I am 21 years old. I've been through awhole lot growing up. I got so use to keeping things bottled up inside it made it hard for me to express my feelings. This is when I decided to try to write poems. All my poems comes from experiences. I decided to write these poems honestly from the heart. These are my true feelings, thoughts and personal problems. I just need some closure in my life. I just want to let somethings off my chest. LETTING IT ALL GO!


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***i Must Look Like A Child To You***

I must look like a child to you....you trying to play me like I'm a fool.
They say 'you gotta be careful of what a muthafucka might do'.
I would know longer get misused and abused.... more »

***i Want To Let My Friends Know***

Andrea Courtney, Andy Toledo, Curly M, Doc Wilde, Feras Haddad, Gabriela Valey, Jeannie, Justin D, Karen M.Bennett, Sarah, Molaire, Ric Bastasa, Siara, Taniya, Dead beat of my heart, Yoonoos, Lime and Tequila....And all other poemhunter writers.

One thing I wanted to let you all know....
Poemhunter.com is where I escape and go...... more »

***if You Dont Understand Me***

If you dont understand me...
Then I guess that's how it's gonna be....
Some thing I say I should just keep...
But I decided to tell the truth, the truth is really deep...... more »

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Taniya Walton 17 Jan 2008 10:56
Your poem was very touching. I mourn for your lost. I hope that some day trust can be restored in your life so that you are not left bitter. Writting is a good outlet to release pain. Continue to open your heart through words.