• Cinderella

    Cinderella, why do you wish to be like anyone else?
    Your fine by yourself.
    People notice you because your different... more »

  • Darkness

    Don’t let the darkness obtain you,
    Try your best,
    Because once your engulfed your stuck like glue,
    Don’t get possessed.... more »

  • Fear Only Holds You Back

    Let go of your fear
    Because it only holds you back
    And it interferes
    It may smell like a lilac... more »

  • Get Out

    I feel pain,
    I am hurt,
    My heart is under a lot of strain,
    Want to know what it is trying to alert?... more »

  • Killing My Dreams

    Thinking about killing my dreams
    There’s no way they will come true
    I would have to waste my time going to a academe
    Bills are due... more »

  • Life

    Think of life as a thriller,
    Never knowing what’s going to happen,
    You could meet a killer,
    Going through life with your foot tappin.... more »

  • Lost Love

    Love Lost
    I’m falling in love,
    His name is Chad,
    Whenever he’s around your bound to see a dove,... more »

  • Mystery Girl

    She's the girl no one knows,
    She never lets her feelings show.
    If anything went wrong she was to blame,
    When most of them don't even know her name.... more »

  • Rumors

    Nobody seems to care who they hurt.
    And what they say.... more »

  • The Perfect Boy

    Black hair,
    Dark eyes,
    Sure to be my demise.... more »

  • Walk

    I’m walking down the street,
    Your not going to believe who I see,
    I don’t believe he would cheat,
    He is cheating on me.... more »

  • When I'M By The Waterfall

    Sitting by the waterfall
    Counting all the fish as they go by
    Wondering why?
    Life is the way it is,... more »