• A Poem

    No desire to open my mouth
    What should I sing of...?
    I, who am hated by life.... more »

  • A Voiceless Cry

    The sound of green footsteps is the rain
    They're coming in from the road, now
    Thirsty souls and dusty skirts brought from the desert... more »

  • Ghazal

    From this cup of my lips comes a song;
    It captures my singing soul, my song.... more »

  • Light Blue Memories

    O exiles of the mountain of oblivion!
    O the jewels of your names, slumbering in the mire of silence
    O your obliterated memories, your light blue memories
    In the silty mind of a wave in the sea of forgetting... more »

  • Memories Of Light Blue

    You, exiles of the mountains of oblivion
    You, diamonds of your names sleeping in quagmire of silence
    You the ones your memories faded, memories of light blue... more »

  • Nazm

    O the one who hides in the mountain of unfamiliarity!
    O you that sleep in the quietness of the pearl.
    O who remains in the memories!... more »