• I Love Him

    My friends think im stupid,
    Because I’ve been hit by cupid
    I can’t help it if I’m smitten
    By all I’ve so far seen... more »

  • My Home, Rwanda?

    Karisimbi, Nyungwe and Rubavu, the true beauty of Rwanda
    A country built on unity, peace and development
    Developed through culture and united by peace
    But even peace can’t shut the jaws of hungry dogs... more »

  • My Man

    He would be gift that I live for
    The man that I’ll always adore
    The air I will forever be breathing... more »

  • Reminiscing

    Every time I think of you, I can’t help but smile
    I do miss your touch and your smell for its been a while
    Since I last hugged you, it almost makes me want to cry
    But still that little smile manages to creep up on me like a spy... more »

  • When I Need A Friend

    I do not know how to start this
    I thought it would be easy
    I want something special
    Jus for you, especially... more »