• A Poem For You

    This is a poem for you.
    Yes for you
    Especially for you
    Made for you... more »

  • A Sick Child

    See here
    A breath of new air.
    A blessed child
    With marbles in his hair.... more »

  • A Simple Beauty

    You do me so much pain,
    But I always come back.
    Maybe it’s your eyes
    That makes me attract... more »

  • Are You The One?

    Are those the cries you cry?
    The sweetest harmonies combine.
    The most precious in the world.
    I just wonder is that you my girl.... more »

  • Bright Eyes

    Bright eyes
    Widely open
    Acting innocent,
    But patiently stroking.... more »

  • Come Back

    You are melodious as harmony.
    A combined force of attraction.
    like an eel waiting
    For love and compassion.... more »

  • Egoism Of Poets

    We don’t write poetry,
    Poetry writes us.
    How can we make poetry,
    If we are part of poetry.... more »

  • How Can I Respect A Woman?

    How can I respect a woman?
    If a woman does not respect herself.
    Burning temptation.
    Attention by all means.... more »

  • Let Me....

    Let me write my rhymes
    Let me describe my poems
    Maybe you will find the truth
    That’s hidden in my soil.... more »

  • Lust

    Submitting to lust.
    Passion and emotion combined to a rush.
    A drug without a form.
    The expression is revealing.... more »

  • My Village In Lebanon

    The river bounders the heaven.
    It gives light to the land.
    A perspective of gods will shining in the sand.
    It’s graced with blooming flowers... more »

  • Oh, Sorrow

    Oh sorrow, oh sorrow.
    You have been with me all my life.
    Even when I was happy, you were my guide.
    Even trough my struggles and in my pride.... more »

  • Silence, Ssst

    Silently, ssst, ssssst, please, ssst
    Silence... more »

  • The Eyes Are The Door To The Soul

    They say the eyes are the door to the soul.
    Tell me why can’t I open yours.
    Your eyes speak pages, but I can’t understand.
    I want to know your drive, your passion.... more »

  • The Kiss Of Judas

    Even the kiss of Judas doesn't taste so bitter.
    The kiss of betrayal is collared in red.
    The lips are cold as ice
    But you only feel warmth... more »

  • The Message To The World Part 1

    Compressing the living.
    Downsizing the earth,
    With molestated factures
    Running through the dirt.... more »

  • The Message To The World Part 2

    Greed filled with hatred.
    Down looking the other
    Because they are not equal.
    Struggling to fit in a world... more »

  • There I Am....

    There I am again,
    Sitting alone on a bench
    Lonely and depressed
    Hoping she comes back... more »

  • You Dream And I Dream

    You dream and I dream
    In my dream I am with a woman.
    In your dream you are with a man.
    In my dream she is beautiful and small.... more »

  • You Say And I Say

    You say I love you.
    I say I love you too.
    You say I am handsome.
    I say you are gorgeous.... more »