i've been writing poetry since i was 11 years old im 15 now i love poetry and singing


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Untitled- For The Lost

For every child who never knew their parents
Who have an eternal empty space in their heart
Where a mothers love should be…. I SHED A TEAR... more »

The Happiness And Pain Love Can Bring.

Nights are cold and you're still alone, with know one to hold you in their arms, You cry yourself to sleep only wanting to wake up and find someone who will love you always and, protect you from all harm,
You've been let down and disappointed and you cry and cry, and all the while you're crying, you only wish someone could hear you,
But know one can look deep in your eyes and tell that your heart is blue,
So you search in all the wrong places looking for what you feel is the right thing, You only want to feel the highs and lows of what loving some one can bring,... more »

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