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    t's so hard putting more into a relationship, then getting out of bed every morning only to get lied to, back stabbed, and heartbroken.

    I cry so many tears because people who claim they care about or even love me walk in and out of my life.... more »

  • A Missed Love

    I miss a love I never new I had
    Until it was gone
    I took for granted something so special
    Thinking it was always going to be there... more »

  • A Mother's Hate

    Why she hates me the way she does, I dont know.
    All I've ever tried to do was be this 'perfect daughter' but all I could, and wanted to be was me.
    I can see the hate in her eye's everytime she looks at me, and I can hear it in her voice.
    The words she says to me pierce my soul, and stabs at my heart. All I ever wanted, all I ever need from her was to feel and be loved.... more »

  • Big-Beautiful Individual God Made

    people really need to know that:

    being BIG is not A DISEASE,
    nor is it a DISORDER,... more »

  • Heaven I Need A Hug

    Heaven send one of your Angels down from above,
    To show me which way to go, and shower me with their love,
    Heaven send one of your Angels because their help is needed,
    so I can fight this battle, without being defeated,... more »

  • I Gave My Heart, Mind Body & Soul

    I was hurt past my
    Beyond my
    HEART... more »

  • I'M Tired

    i'm tired of giving my all, and getting nothing back

    of smiling and laughing, when i'm dying on the inside... more »

  • New Poem

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  • So What If I'M Not Pretty

    So what if im not pretty or a size two
    I don’t wear air forces, or Apple Bottom
    I rock FUBU.
    So what if im loud... more »

  • The Happiness And Pain Love Can Bring.

    Nights are cold and you're still alone, with know one to hold you in their arms, You cry yourself to sleep only wanting to wake up and find someone who will love you always and, protect you from all harm,
    You've been let down and disappointed and you cry and cry, and all the while you're crying, you only wish someone could hear you,
    But know one can look deep in your eyes and tell that your heart is blue,
    So you search in all the wrong places looking for what you feel is the right thing, You only want to feel the highs and lows of what loving some one can bring,... more »

  • The Little Girl In Me

    that little girl in me
    still cries out for help
    that same girl that would care for others
    but hurt herself... more »

  • Untitled

    you fought the rain time and time again
    you battled through the storms, by yourself, with no friends
    you tried to come out of the darkness, almost reaching the light
    you felt weak, and wanted to give up, but you tried with all your might... more »

  • Untitled- For The Lost

    For every child who never knew their parents
    Who have an eternal empty space in their heart
    Where a mothers love should be…. I SHED A TEAR... more »

  • Who Will Love The Little Girl In Me

    who will LOVE that little girl with the smile
    and heart of gold
    who has put the past
    behind her and whose secret remains... more »

  • You'Re No Different...

    i think what hurts the most is that i loved you
    i mean i truly loved you
    you were my everything
    when i had nothing... more »