• Fallen Angels

    Bloody wings in our descent

    Brows covered in dirt... more »

  • Heart That Forever Bleeds

    for the second time, he fled.
    i've said this half a million
    times to myself
    but still, neither my mind... more »

  • Hidden Song

    Winter's comin', roses dying
    Love is never an endless tale...
    I love you- I lost you
    Don't feel bad, I won't refrain...... more »

  • Journey To Nowhere

    It's a long road, leading me to nowhere
    Seeing how my heart becomes dumb
    Thoughts and winds rages in my head
    As song's floating, telling of a memory Love...... more »

  • Naiad Childe And I

    I am starring to a girl
    with sorrow in my eyes
    Her lips slightly open
    suppressing a cry...... more »

  • Not A Poem, Thoughts Of Mine

    I am on a journey of self searching, finding what's within me
    Why my heart is still beating?
    When i thought it's already numb and can't feel anything
    Love bloomed in no time, Excitement, Happiness all in one... more »

  • Shadow Of The Dark

    looking through windows of the past
    tears are falling from her eyes...
    walking through the road of nowhere
    seeking for a place to hide...... more »

  • Thomas

    Thoughts of my Angel, I had to smile
    He said he'd cut his finger and nail
    that made my heart cry...
    He doesn't know the meaning of 'shortly'... more »

  • Tune Of Refrain

    if thee my love, had gone
    will i ever survive?
    if thee is my only reason to live,
    will ever the sun rise within my sight?... more »

  • Wined Feeling

    I am reaching for the sky
    Angel Dear are you with me?
    My Life has its own dark
    Like the night in a Fantasy... more »

  • Words I Don'T Usually Say

    I love you-
    words I don't know so well
    I love you-
    words I don't say often... more »

  • World Of My Reality

    A Dreamer is what I am,
    A Loner you can say
    When everyone enjoys the crowd
    I feel I belong to somewhere...... more »