She who wakes Angels by tugging their wings
-Naiad Childe Heiseiryu

and when the time comes to find me alone- i can sit all through the long hours, speechless with the lingering pain that gnaws my heart.. my mind rambles to some distant places and the bygone moments, remembering how happy was my life with a Love cherished like a treasure.. yet, the twist of time mangled such happiness and left me a solitary being...


Naiad Childe Heiseiryu Poems

Tune Of Refrain

if thee my love, had gone
will i ever survive?
if thee is my only reason to live,
will ever the sun rise within my sight?... more »

Hidden Song

Winter's comin', roses dying
Love is never an endless tale...
I love you- I lost you
Don't feel bad, I won't refrain...... more »

Journey To Nowhere

It's a long road, leading me to nowhere
Seeing how my heart becomes dumb
Thoughts and winds rages in my head
As song's floating, telling of a memory Love...... more »

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