• A War Hero

    At dawn, in a stuffy and smoky carriage,
    A bulky woman in deep mourning,
    Behind her puffing and mourning her husband
    A tiny man, thin and weakly, his face death white...... more »

  • Abhi Bhi Kuch Umeeden Hn

    Na jaane kyun ab hasne ko dil krta nhi
    Ji krta h bas kho jane k
    Din mn bhi soyi rhti h raat
    Awaaaz nikalne mn bhi dar h lgta.... more »

  • Bas Ek Baar Phir Muskurao.....

    Kyun chale humko chor
    Ye humko bhi batlao
    Kya galti rahi hummari
    Ye humko samjhao... more »

  • Be My Light.

    O' Allah help me
    O' Allah guide me
    Let me come out of vain
    Let me vanish my pain.... more »

  • Beauty Of The Supreme Power...

    The heart may break
    The words may die
    The voice will crack
    The tears will dry... more »

  • Bewilder Heart

    When all the dentils of her sorrows
    Were fragmented into shallow sobs
    And hovering darkness depressing her dreams
    To trover all happiness gone.... more »

  • Beyond Blues...

    Walking through the streets I see
    Glittering and the lovely face
    When I took a look at it
    What I want was it that?... more »

  • Blossoms Of The Spring...

    The aroma of the flowers,
    The breeze for the hours;

    The sunshine on the face,... more »

  • Busy In Their Mobile Goad..

    Little flowers of today are much more dickier,
    B'coz of inebriation of fast food filled in,
    They abjure all outdoor play,
    Busy in their mobile goad.... more »

  • Call Me Above....

    Oh! let me come out
    No more I can bear
    I have chronic pain in my heart
    And a great deep piece...... more »

  • Can't Bid You Adieu

    You are higher than the sky
    Taller than the spiritual mountains
    Far beyond the depth of seas
    With the depth of empathy.... more »

  • Chhed Ke Dekho Tum Mujhko...

    Chah se apni, apne dil se
    Meri izzat, main tumko na choone doongi
    Jaan ko chaahe tum le lo
    Par maan ko na choone dungi(*2)... more »

  • Childhood Memories...

    Years by years innocence change
    But the memories never fade
    From the lightning and cheers of the dawn
    Till the setting sun of dusk... more »

  • Christmas Eve

    Jingling bells twinkling stars all around
    Lightning lamps, glazing bulb far above
    Ye! Ye!
    Santa Claus is coming on the ride... more »

  • Dear, Pole Star...

    Twinkle twinkle burning ball
    Tell me the way to you
    Faraway from the earth
    Sparking in the faraway land.... more »

  • Death Is Solution

    On the barren, thorny land
    Waiting for my eternity in the graveyard
    I sit alone crying and thinking
    Why don't people forget when I have changed... more »

  • Depression I Hate You....

    When years passed away,
    With no one dear,
    The eyes filled with tear,
    And the heart with fear....... more »

  • Fan Of Cricket, Junior Spinner (Zakaria Beg)

    O' little crazy little boy
    Why don't you play with any toy?
    Great lover of funky ball
    O'little bowler you are thin and tall...... more »

  • Fragrance Of You "My Love"...

    Seeing your face I smell the roses
    The fragrance of lilies and daisies
    The eyes bow down, the face glitter
    With the spark of diamonds... more »

  • Free India

    Prisoned in the cage of prejudice
    Broken into fragments by caste
    How many lives we get to live
    So, we should die in dark.... more »

  • Friend I Need You....

    Sick of crying,
    Tired of trying,
    Yah! I am smiling,
    But from inside I am dying.... more »

  • Game Need To Be Over!

    Almighty is the most merciful
    Almighty forgive our sin when we pray
    But what to do with people
    Who defames you even if they are not hurt.... more »

  • Green Meadows...

    Deep hot meadows, the wind passing by,
    When the silence is broken in the secret of charm,
    Merrily singing, she stood alarm,
    Beyond the horizon, the beauty lie.... more »

  • Guess It....

    The fluffy creature of God,
    Different from every Cat and odd, ...
    Jumping from one to another rod,
    So cute and loveliest of all...... more »

  • Happy Father's Day

    Fathers are for caring us
    Wherever we are in this world
    Fathers are our best nurse.... more »