Hii friends! This is Naima Ansari, a budding poet! I am a bookworm that loves to read poems, stories as well as novels. I have profound interest in poetry and I've been trying my best to beautify my poems with precious words and enthralling phrases. I love reading your poems and would ask you to read mine in return so as to grant me a title of the " She Wordsworth."


Naima Ansari Poems

'A Poet's Bosom'-The Deepest Wound

It had been spit upon, crushed and kicked hard,
At times been mocked at by them, abused&barked;
It's nothing else but my insane, blindly modest heart
To which I myself have squeezed and pierced a knife so sharp,... more »

An Immortal Life

Bind yourself with honesty
Adorn your voice with truth,
Wash your hearts off brutality
And present yourself with hospitability and soothe.... more »

The Echo Within You

Forget the world, the philosophers and mentors
Look deep into yourself and fetch out what stirs
That petty belief which makes you think you're small
Would crush your intellect, spoil your thoughts and ideas; may kill them all.... more »

Naima Ansari Quotes

'Prepare For A Good End.⚰If you achieve a Good Death, its Understood that your Life was Excellent.✌
Life and Death
If You see me as simple as a scabbard Make sure you see the sword it holds inside.
Inner strength

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