• A Date With Love

    I have a date with Love tonight
    so Im'a make sure I look flyy
    Im'a put on my prettiest clothes
    and make my hair up real nice... more »

  • A Day In The Life Of A Broken Heart

    It's been a week and her tears have stopped
    although she no longer expects his calls it still hurts alot
    the nights have gotten easier nevertheless he's still on her mind
    Its so hard for her to forget his huges, his kisses and all the fun times... more »

  • Dear? (You Know Who You Are)

    These feelings for you I try not to show
    I push them deep down inside of my soul
    and even when I try to surpress
    someth'in it seems I'll never forget... more »

  • Everlasting End

    Break the chains that bind my heart
    with you near paradise is not far
    take my hand lead me far far away
    keep me close so I won't stray... more »

  • Faced With The Truth

    All the thoughts I've had
    All the time I've spent
    Regaurdless of how hard I wished
    It's all come down to this.... more »

  • Fortified City

    I will sweep up the pieces of my heart that are left
    I will leave behind any feeling of the things I felt
    whether good or bad I will let them go
    Clear my memory cause I never wanna know... more »

  • I Hate You, Because I Love You

    I hate you, because I love you
    my emotions need a break
    I'm going out of my mind
    I swear it's you I cant take... more »

  • I Just Love You

    Like a moth to a flame Im drawn to the pain
    Though you drive mw insane, this I can't explain
    Just the thought of your name and how you give the love you gave
    My obsessions the one to blame... more »

  • I Never Woulda Thought....

    I wish you could have seen my eyes
    I wish we could have better goodbyes
    I wish you could have seen my pain
    I wish you could have seen my eyes like rain... more »

  • If Only For A Moment

    I need you to make me forget
    I need to know that in me he nolonger exsist
    I need for you to be my escape
    I want you to be the reason why for him I nolonger wait... more »

  • If U Luv Luv, Let Luv Go Pt.1

    you can feel it
    you can taste it
    you can see it
    you can hate it... more »

  • If U Luv Luv, Let Luv Go Pt.2

    if it's luv that you luv u just gotta
    let it go
    It's a lie to deny that luv is not amazing
    but let it go... more »

  • If You Don'T Know

    If you never know it
    if I dont show it
    if you cant tell it
    if you dont understand when I spell it... more »

  • In Touch

    A kiss on the lips
    a stroke of the hand
    fantasies played out as sigh's of exstacy burst into the air
    desires and exspectations meet wiht unimangnable plesure,... more »

  • It Was A Dream

    I sipped from the cup of pure bliss and let it's magic take me away
    I breathe the air that in this world is so rare, yet I've been blessed to just have a taste
    I've opened the door to explore much more then most have ever experienced
    Closed my eyes as my adrinaline started to rise so I could feel beauty impossible to see... more »

  • Just A 'Time Out'

    You say it's not the end
    but it hurts all the same
    you say you need a break
    to prioritze your brain... more »

  • Lay Down & Cry

    Don't you remember when you told me you loved me?
    Don't you remember how you would kiss me and hug me?
    Don't you miss how we used to say good night?
    Don't you miss how we always play and fight?... more »

  • Listen

    Past experiences dictate the future changing your perception with every decision you make.
    Everything you choose to do has an effect on your life and what road you take.... more »

  • Love As A Perception

    The Reality Of life is there is no Love
    Only Feelings and thoughts of what you thought it was
    The Reality of Love is it disrupts your life
    it creeps up like a crook and cuts deep like a knife... more »

  • Love Soilder

    Love is just pain covered in kisses
    surrounded by hugs
    and filled with empty wishes
    felt by many... more »

  • Love's Name

    If love had a name it would be that of you,
    Beautiful words of folly and never thinking things through.
    If love had a name it would be that of you,
    Lovely flowers of lies while under confusion they bloom.... more »

  • My Love Scares Me

    I dont wanna miss out on a chance to tell you
    how I feel.
    I dont wanna lose the only love I know is real.
    I'm so afraid of what you will say, I try to force myself to deny how I feel... more »

  • On A Day When It Rained

    On a day when it rained
    my pain was explained
    by the rythem of the drops
    and they just wouldnt stop... more »

  • Shattered Glass

    Shattered mirror, broken glass
    inside lay picture and our battered past
    shiviers of glass cut deep like a knife
    regrets bleed out the wounds of decisions we made in our life... more »

  • She Loved Him, He Loved Her

    They meet on a day like no other
    she loved him, he loved her
    After that day she never thought about another
    she loved him, he loved her... more »