• Bleak Sadness

    My soul is in bleak sadness... the feeling is low...
    my soul is in bleak sadness... what can I bestow...

    My mind is an utterly blank canvas...... more »

  • In My Mind

    When self doubt is harbored there...
    my mind is a terrible place.

    When the pain of love is a deep scar...... more »

  • Just A Mess

    Come to terms,
    get a grip.

    Can the heart... more »

  • Second Hand Love

    This sad kind of feeling washes over me...
    subdued in hues of blues and grays.
    When the struggle is over
    when at last i am free...... more »

  • The Veil

    Deep within the realm of fear...
    lies a great vast reef of infinite depth.
    A place where loneliness abides within...
    where tortured pain is writhed within the fear.... more »

  • The Vessel

    Darkness is the place
    where fear dwells best...
    It reaches into the very
    corners of my existence.... more »

  • With

    With pen in hand
    I set to task
    to bare my soul to thee.
    A lifetime in a word or two... more »

  • 'Words'

    Thinking back, if only for an instant,
    pondering the words that were there a moment ago...
    if they are not captured as freely as they flow,
    they are no longer there.... more »