• A Perspicacious Girl

    'She's just a perspicacious girl,
    peeking past her long, dark hair,
    her finger twisting one dark curl
    in the candle's golden glare.... more »

  • A Primitive

    'Days go by,
    days go by,
    days go by.... more »

  • A Sign On A Telephone-Pole

    My kitten is black and she loves the snow
    and when morning ends the night,
    she jumps out of the shadows to show
    her blackness on all the snow-white.... more »

  • Adamant Eve And The Man Who Wouldn'T Shut Up

    If you can't say something nasty,
    don't say anything at all.
    You're saying I need rhinoplasty
    and I'm riding for a fall?... more »

  • Addiction

    (The speaker here is an older person lecturing a young person.)

    'Opinions are not always right... more »

  • Airhead

    Afterwards, they were lying in bed,
    slightly sweaty and watching T.V.
    She turned to him and said something
    witty about cartoon clouds. It made him... more »

  • Alcohol

    'A boozer
    is a loser,
    walking on a lake.... more »

  • Alien Love

    Old poets never smile; they stare at us
    with disappointed intelligence, desperate
    to comprehend our stupidity and blaming
    themselves forever for every motherless,... more »

  • An Author Addresses An Aspiring Character

    'With a flick of the wrist,
    you insist you exist,
    like a fist in the mist.... more »

  • An Easy Mistake To Make

    'Ignorance and arrogance
    are walking hand-in-hand,
    taking care on the stepping-stones.
    His guitar melts my bones...... more »

  • Another Misunderstood Kiss

    'She kept apologizing
    for the petals that were
    scattered all over her
    kitchen floor, at her party.'... more »

  • Archeology 101

    'Until today, I always thought
    that evil could not build, could not
    hew wooden notch or pile up stone
    or plant a seed or see it grown.... more »

  • Aromantic

    'Some guys, they smell perfume
    and always think, 'Ah, she
    must have put it on for me, '
    and strut around the room,... more »

  • At The Clue Store In The Mall

    She's got one small adorable song in her head
    and she can't wait to hear what her other friend said.

    But - like - why is the garden store so full of all those... more »

  • Back Page News

    (the implied speaker here is a tired editor on the news desk of a newspaper)

    'So their truck was in flames... more »

  • Back Stage Voice

    'Hey, man, listen -
    that's a good song.
    You can take that one
    all the way to Texas.... more »

  • Being Famous

    It must be like opening a new door
    in a familiar wall, the one with the
    photograph, the same old photograph
    but starting to look so strange, just... more »

  • Biker

    Grumbling thunder,
    rainbows at night,
    illegal plunder
    and muscular right.... more »

  • Can'T Buy A Clue

    'I'm sitting here
    in my good girl dress,
    and I got an awful fear
    that I might say 'yes'.... more »

  • Card Play

    He bluffed his way to a win at the tables,
    gathered in his money, flexed his muscles,
    and went upstairs to her room.... more »

  • Chantilly Lace

    (this is first-person poetic fiction)

    Recently I was visiting some old friends of mine who live in the country, and we were sitting around in the kitchen after lunch one fine summer afternoon when their teenage daughter returned home after a drive to town to visit some of her friends.
    She sat down at the table and reached for a cookie, and she was looking so lovely and sweet that the grown-ups were all sitting there smiling at her while she ate it.... more »

  • Comfort Food

    It's the taste
    of tears and
    ice cream
    in a big... more »

  • Cradle To Grave

    (The speaker here is an older street-person)

    'When children get the notion
    that being bad is fun... more »

  • Curtains

    'Standing there, you
    cover the window and
    watch me sitting in
    your shadow - hollow... more »

  • Cynical Baby Downtown

    'Soothing voices are announcing,
    cynical baby downtown,
    another suppression of hope,
    a day of compulsory dancing,... more »