• All I Want Is You

    some days we may argue and we may fight,
    but we are friends again by night.
    no matter how much i deny or what ever i do,
    i will always protect and care for u.... more »

  • Cant Beleive Its..Love

    When i saw you that first day of school,
    I thought you were really cool.
    I think that still to this day,
    but i dont know how it turned out this way.... more »

  • Everything About You

    i love u 2 and nothing can compare,
    hope u have fun tomorrow, i wish i was there,
    my love to u can not be spoken with words,
    i see ur face in the soft, sweet, voice of the birds,... more »

  • Just How Beautiful He Is

    i am with a guy that is always there for me,
    He helps me see things i havent been able to see.
    His soul is as soft as a flower petal,
    there is no situation he cant handle.... more »

  • Love Is My Guardian Angle

    Its close to being a whole year since we met,
    but we haven't gone out for a whole month yet.
    I want to hold you close and never let go,
    I have wanted that ever since we met a year ago.... more »

  • More Than Friends

    friendship can be found
    and friendship can be lost
    friendship is a beautiful sound
    though it doesnt cost... more »

  • More Than Meets The Eye

    i cant find a way to see if u r lieing
    but i know that i am realling trying.
    you finaly tell me more than i know,
    i guess it really just goes to show,... more »

  • Now That We'Re Together

    compared to ur heart of gold,
    i just feel so cold,
    but u always compliment me,
    now i know your the person i want to be.... more »

  • One Of A Kind

    u and i r so far away,
    yet we talk everyday.
    i havent seen u in awhile,
    i really miss ur smile.... more »

  • Why Me?

    why is it that you picked me?
    what is it about me that i cant see?
    there is way better girls out there,
    because guys like you are very rare.... more »

  • You Are What Love Is

    i cant explain how i feel,
    my heart is an open letter and your the seal.
    the letter is about my love,
    cuz it came from up above.... more »

  • Your Beautiful Smile

    Your always there for me,
    even when you dont need to be.
    I can always count on a friend or more,
    your words touched my heart to the core.... more »