• Caught

    I stood there wrapped in the warmth of rain
    The shower slowly poured down my mane,
    I found my back against the tub
    My feet I straddled on tiled wall... more »

  • Consumed

    The sight of you
    Inflames me
    By your touch,
    I fill with urge... more »

  • Crescent Moon

    I want to hear your voice embrace my name in whispered dedication,
    Or uttered in darkness by your breathlessness.

    The sight of your face... more »

  • Hold The Moon

    Like the fairy tale perfectly written
    He takes my hand,
    shows me why... more »

  • Mind Dance

    I caught my reflection in the mirror
    It was my own hand that ran through my hair,
    I listened as my favorite artist crooned
    Closed my eyes... more »

  • No Shine

    This energy that emanates from me
    Producing a sensation of brightness
    Makes seeing possible
    All truth and awareness... more »

  • The Sea

    the sea
    the ebb
    the flow... more »