• Decisions

    Sometimes we go through life never receiving the answers that we feel we require.
    I quote from someone dear to me 'It is what it is. There may not always be an answer.'

    Can we with our minds and emotions be settled with this?... more »

  • Do I Have To Let You Go?

    I will never be able to see life any other way then the way I saw it with you.
    Life is about decision and choices
    Sometimes those decisions are the hardest ones you ever have to make.
    Will my life go on and be good?... more »

  • Dreaded Goodbye

    I feel like my days are numbered.
    I start to cling to every moment, not wanting to lose one second.
    My heart aches for what is to come.
    I can not stop it!... more »

  • Everyday

    Everyday comes at me differently.
    I have thoughts of you but then I try to make them go away.
    I feel like I want to talk to you but then I keep my words.
    It is hard to go from sharing everything to sharing nothing.... more »

  • I Wonder!

    How is it that a week ago,
    life seemed so certain
    Things were right on schedule.
    Then life has thrown a curve ball... more »

  • Intense

    Emphasized... more »

  • It Is Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    It’s 8: 15 and the aromas of this day start
    to fill the house.
    Soft clinking is heard in the kitchen.
    As mom and dad have been up for hours... more »

  • Misery

    As the night falls we retract to our own worlds and our own thoughts.
    The air is cold and heavy.
    Emotions fill the room.
    Our worlds are breaking us down.... more »

  • Peace

    Sitting here in a small corner restaurant with
    quiet commotion all around
    Smoke fills the air. Conversation fills the air.
    The aromas from the dishes and drinks fill the air.... more »

  • Prison

    As we drive through the gate the anxiety takes over.
    I am trapped.
    Driving down this long road.
    Looking at the houses, the trees, the leaves.... more »

  • Sad

    I was driving home and listening to a song.
    The words said “I am grieving my condition”.
    That is how I feel
    I am thankful beyond words for the quality of... more »

  • Scenery

    Sitting here in a car, riding down this long road.
    I lay my head against the seat.
    I close my eyes for a moment.
    Then I look out the window.... more »

  • She

    As I sit here
    Listening to the most beautiful music of my life,
    my eyes start to well and the tears start to fall.
    But oh no these are not sad tears,... more »

  • Silence

    That is what I needed.
    No music.
    No thoughts.... more »

  • Surrender

    From what?
    The reality of MY world.
    It is so hard to live a lie.... more »

  • Tears

    How does it make you feel about me crying tonight?
    Does it make you sad? or do you understand?
    To me nothing could of ruined our evening....not even my tears.
    My tears were the only emotion that I could freely express.... more »

  • The Moon

    The sky is dark and so very clear.
    You look up and see stars across the entire canvas.
    Some are brighter then others, some form mystical shapes.... more »

  • The Park

    As I lay here and look up,
    I see the trees sway so gracefully from
    side to side.
    The breeze comes through ever so calmly.... more »

  • Thoughts

    My fingers can do nothing more then what they are doing now.
    They can’t move as fast as my mind would want them too!
    As i tell my fingers what to do it is disturbing.
    How can you feel so much love and sadness at the same time?... more »

  • Waiting

    Waiting and waiting and waiting
    for nothing
    The most agonizing pain.
    Time slips by and all hope is lost... more »