• A Stranger You Were Once

    A stranger you were once..
    Until you walked up and said whats up
    You talked you're sweet talk
    And took my frowns... more »

  • Big Lie Of Yours

    You said, you'll never let go
    you said, I was the only one for you,
    I ment the world to you,
    you didn't know how... more »

  • Ever Since You Came Into My Life

    Ever since you came into my life you took all the
    pain and hate,
    All i ever felt was love and butterflies, you made me
    realize how wonderful one could live with... more »

  • I Pray

    Every night i pray to...
    Wake up every morning to the sound of you're voice in my ear,
    The weight of you're arms around me,
    With the warmth of you're lips on my lips,... more »

  • I'D Rather

    Leaving you was very pain full,
    But I'd rather fill the pain with out you,
    I no longer want to use you as the excuse of my pain
    Even thoguh you gave it to me...... more »

  • Now And Ever I Will Love You But Goodbye

    The love we had is now history...
    The moments of you and me will stay forever in my heart...
    For now we are better off apart...
    My mind and body still loves you... more »

  • Our Love Is So Real

    Our LOVE is so REAL,
    You can't pretend it's not,
    To the point you can't hide it from anyone...
    Its a combination of two that makes one soul,... more »

  • What Is It With You'Re Love

    What is it with you're love
    That completes me, then breaks me?
    Where in you're love, do i trully love?
    Is it really love i feel, or do i make illusions?... more »