• Dear Mr. Sea

    Dear mr. sea
    Hit your rocks once more for me
    your fellow is broken &in misery
    Come on, for me be angry... more »

  • Prison

    They let me..... told me am free 2 go..
    Dark... fear..sorrow... cry no more….
    Take ur chance grab it b4 any1 knows
    Here is ur life coming... it's all urs... more »

  • Sin

    sin...sin you 've turned my life into a game
    sometimes i'm high..more low&so in vain
    wish to kill you...erase you..wash you with these tears that seems like rain....
    you taught me to lie...... more »

  • The Master Of Love

    The master of love…….

    I was the master of love indeed
    One of my students was cupid... more »

  • Too Late

    on a deserted island there she lays
    'hello &goodbye to ships &boats she says
    a smile followed by a tear &that's her day
    she lives at a station out of time with no name... more »