• As 1

    im lucky to have you
    lucky to know you
    lucky to be able to love you
    im lucky you have me... more »

  • Banjo Player

    If you have a banjo you can sit and pluck all day
    when all your friends go past you can jump up and say
    'hey look at me i can play the banjo better than before'
    and then you can sit and happily pluck away some more... more »

  • Come Back

    come back baby
    i need your love
    we are a part
    of one... more »

  • Dont Cry

    Don’t cry

    Don’t cry
    don’t frown... more »

  • Falling

    falling falling down a hill
    my life as falling up until... more »

  • Friendship

    a smile, a tear, laughter, a hug
    all signs of a freind
    they are the angels without wings
    that build us up when were not strong... more »

  • Happiness

    Happiness is like a butterly
    that quickly quitely fluters by
    and touches you with love and peace
    covering all bad vibes beneath... more »

  • Heartbreak

    My heart has been broken
    In pieces by you... more »

  • Ill Still Miss You

    Even though your far away... more »

  • Its Only Me

    Its Only Me

    Its only me
    An echo... more »

  • Lost In Myself

    Im scared of loosing myself
    Like I once lost you a long time before... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is a bird that flutters by
    Love is the song you hear
    Love is the feeling that makes you sigh
    Love gives you a happy tear... more »

  • Love Thats Gone

    Love that’s gone

    Im in love cant you see
    you and me were meant to be... more »

  • Mirror

    The girl out of the mirror
    Looks sad and pale... more »

  • My Death

    My Death

    As the first cut is made
    My tears are repaid... more »

  • My Little Light

    You are the light that burns within me
    My light that burns so bright... more »

  • No Matter What

    No matter what ill still love you
    even when were far apart
    when there are mountains and rivers between us
    ill swim and ill climb... more »

  • Ode To Happiness

    an ode to happiness

    happiness is one of the many emotions
    maybe the greatest off all... more »

  • On That Island

    On that island
    theres a war going on
    no love in that picture
    but anger is strong... more »

  • Sadness

    why cant everyone get along
    all of us sing the same song
    join hands all over the land
    let our hands run over uncharted sand... more »

  • Shadow

    Life is not worth living
    When you’ve been through pain... more »

  • Sunrise Of Memories (Written For My Nan)

    The night I found out
    You had gone from this world... more »

  • Togetherness

    with your arm round my shoulder
    looking into my eye
    i never want this moment to end
    hands round my waist... more »

  • Troubled Eyes

    You look at me through troubled eyes
    I see a head that’s full of lies
    Saying that one day away we will fly
    Away from here the time is nigh... more »

  • Useless

    Everyone knows where they're going
    Everyone knows where they came from
    Everyone knows what they'll do with their life
    Why oh why dont i... more »