h my name is naomi pepper and i love horses and i love this guy and boy is he sexy anyway i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers ok and i love them all i also have 2 nephews and i love them both


Naomi Pepper Poems

Without You

without you i can not breath.
Beacuse you take my breath away
without you i am blind
because you are my sight... more »

Never Rest

I’ll never rest in the cold ground,
Please don’t plant me in death’s garden,
Remember me in bright, light sounds,
And set me free on a westward wind.... more »

Your Love

Your Love Is The One I CherishThe Most
I Could Never Loose Your Love Because If I Did I Would Die
Because I Would Have No Love
But If YOu Stay With Me I Will Know I Am Being Loved... more »

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