Naomi Shihab Nye 12 March 1952

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Ms. Nye is one of the authors whose work we study most frequently in my 8th grade English Language Arts class. Students have analyzed and imitated her poetry, and this year we will be incorporating a short story and short essay. Her voice resonates with them; her ideas and language stretch them.
Your poems touch our hearts and we carry that essence with us onward...
Being a Poet should start with a wider look on situations and politics.Getting impression of the Palestinian without seeing the evil which is done by their leaders - not to solving but freezing the problem. The leaders are sacrificing their nation and encourage them to Bomb themselves on civilian in the name of ALLA . A Poet should encourage to change the attitude. To send voice of piece. To ask for leaders to solve the problem and invest in their nation. A real Poet should write Poem so Syrian not to kill their own people. A Poet who taking and manipulating words while staying in luxury USA is not a real Poet. I feel you try bring silence to your soul and your family immigration tries to cover it by words empty words lies and evil words. Which is not true. But it is worse than the leaders as it encourage to keep it in the name of the Poet. Take your ability to the sky and try to hold the terror of a nation which suffer but cause suffer to the world.
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