Napoleon Lapathiotis (31 October 1888 – 7 January 1944) was a Greek poet. A native of Athens, he began writing and publishing poetry when he was eleven. In 1907, along with others, he established the Igiso (Ἡγησώ, from the Attic Greek name Hēgēso) magazine, in which he published his works. In 1909, he graduated from the law school of the University of Athens. His first book of poems was published in 1939.

Lapathiotis was openly gay and had communist beliefs. Poor in later life and an opium addict, he committed suicide with a revolver on 7 January 1944.

The 1985 film Meteor and Shadow was based on his life.


Napoleon Lapathiotis Poems

Fall Song

Autumn, I loved you when the leaves fall
And leave the branches naked for winter's icy bites,
When the evenings flee, the poms are apple red,
And lonely are the nights....... more »

My Life In My Dreams

In the night of my mind
All the bygones are walking;
Hand-in-hand, and moving slow,
In a circle and in line;... more »

Our Old Song

The old song
We used to hear,
Now that everyone is gone
Who will say it to live on?... more »

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