• Am Almost On The Way

    "Am almost on the way".
    Angel on earth wrote,
    Her last letter to him.
    Lini was writing her... more »

  • Communism And Regionalism.

    Mao Zedong was not a malayalee.
    Valdimir Lenin was not a malayalee.
    Che Guevera was not a malayalee.
    Communists sent back my people,... more »

  • Competition

    Competition is
    fair enough I am told,
    Climbing the trees is,
    What is being tested.... more »

  • Complaints.

    Complaints and complaints,
    they kept complaining.
    Believed it will create
    inconvenience if not justice.... more »

  • Convocation

    Hall was a make shift
    air conditioned canopy.
    Graduation ceremony
    of five hundred and fifty students.... more »

  • Corruption

    They showered gold,
    Poured money,
    in turn wanted GOD
    to bless them prosperity.... more »

  • Darkness And Light

    I was afraid of darkness
    I prayed to light to save me.
    Light told it never had seen it.
    I promised light to take him... more »

  • Death

    ... more »

  • Death As A Guest

    Death will come one day
    as an unwanted guest.
    I will not be prepared for the guest.
    I will have lot of work to do.... more »

  • Death Didn't Wait

    Apte called me
    Sir, Yerekar died.
    What happened?
    Death calls people... more »

  • Desire

    Kama is your urge
    for something.
    You wish to get something.
    Once you get it,... more »

  • Divorce

    65 years old man.
    60 years old woman.
    42 years of marriage.
    Divorced with mutual consent.... more »

  • Earth And Sky

    Naked they lied side by side.
    Earth and sky,
    Sky touched earth,
    at dstance eye could not reach.... more »

  • Even Gods Have Their Days.

    On my way to home and office,
    I need to pass through a junction,
    stood a hanuman temple.
    Hanuman's day is Saturday.... more »

  • Face

    Age had marred your shine.
    Face has blemished.
    No music in your words.
    Love has withered.... more »

  • First Love.

    Sky touched
    the ground far away.
    I could actually see
    her smile vanishing.... more »

  • Girl In Dreams

    Love is in the air.
    Fragrance of the flowers
    smell the spring.... more »

  • Hate Me, Still I Will Love You.

    Stay within the limits of law
    Limitless will be your gain.

    Go beyond limits of law.... more »

  • Honesty Is Like Milk.

    Saint surprised everyone.
    Everyone was honest.
    Everyone was sincere.
    Wait for a day to prove.... more »

  • I Have A Reason.

    I have a reason to laugh.
    I have a reason to cry.
    I have a reason to come.
    I have a reason to go.... more »

  • Intelligence And Peace

    Steady intelligence is
    the source of Peace.
    Peace is the state of
    mind when thoughts stop.... more »

  • Karma

    I am your ‘Karma'.
    One who came before me,
    One who will come after me,
    All are your ‘Karma'.... more »

  • Knowledge Is Wealth

    Neither a thief can steal,
    nor a state can tax,
    Need not have to divide
    among brothers,... more »

  • Let's Don't Blame

    Let's blame each other
    for the successes in our life.
    Let's don't blame each other
    for the failures in our life.... more »

  • Life

    We all know we all will die.
    I will die, you will die,
    He and she all will die.
    Who will say let us die today?... more »