Author is a Final Year College dropp out; Lives in Mumbai-India;
Occupationally in creative gift articles, fashion jewellery manufacturing business since 1978
Additionally –Freelancer: Articles, Essays, Poetry-Writer, Specially on Global Subjects of Human Logic's, Philosophy-n- Philanthropy.
The author respect-n-regard logics and ethics of every religion of the world who all sustain, maintain and live merely for peace, progress and prosperity of man kind..

Some of Naresh Sonee's articles have been published as BREAKING NEWS on WORLD NEWS and so in many countries.


Naresh Sonee Poems

British Women Slapped The Indian Poet- Naresh Sonee

Naresh Sonee an Indian poet went to London,
Found a Literary Agent who made his enough fun,

Agent says ' Indian Poet are fool, I believe you too are freezed and cool'... more »

11-11-11 Global Gods Day - Global Gods Group [ggg]

I take oath to release and relieve my God at least for a day on
No matter if for this act I will be send by preists to hell not heaven,
I will allow my God to celebrate, have fun with other religion & regional... more »

Naresh Sonee Gave A Run

Once on road a male Naresh Sonee was furiously acting funny,
On to get hold of some body, he was continuously running,

People stopped him, and asked - “Why the hell you are so urgently running? ”,... more »

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