• Allah

    When I Say Allah
    I meant the merciful
    For his words are more powerful.
    Speaking To the people... more »

  • Death

    Death is destining
    So Why Are you still resting
    Get up
    And Earn your blessing... more »

  • Donot Loose Yourself

    I Know you tired.
    I can see from your eyes,
    Just hold that tears up.
    So many paths To follow,... more »

  • Generation

    I sing of a generation
    This generation
    A generation of YouTube and Twitter
    Of my space and Facebook... more »

  • Guide

    my partner in crime Selfish to personal desires
    I instigate positivity yet I neutralize helping spend
    my every dime With negative persuasion regardless
    To the things I love.... more »

  • Have You?

    Have you ever met someone that changed your life completely?
    Have you ever met someone that made you realize your heart
    was never complete or full or right until you met them? Have
    you ever met someone that made your smile bigger and your... more »

  • If We Remembered Our Akhirah

    If we remembered our Akhirah, would our lives be the same?
    Would our interactions change?
    Would we wallow in our pain?
    If we remembered our Akhirah, Would the petty things... more »

  • Life

    Life is of mercy
    Treat her like Queen
    Treat her like fairy
    And keep her clean to Your Mery... more »

  • Mamma, You Are My Queen.

    mum, It's hard to find the words to say,
    Your soft touch
    your warm embrace
    you are my Queen... more »

  • Oh My Muslim Brothers

    Oh my Muslim Brothers
    what if abubakar, omar, uthman, ali (R.a) saw Your Timelines
    with loads of naked girls, grime merkin videos, guns, money, weed
    with swear words.Everytime someone clicks on you Get Bad deeds... more »

  • This Is Not Somalia

    They hear Somalia,
    But they know nothing
    about them.
    Brief Introduction about... more »

  • We Make Social Sites Make Us Enter Hell

    Dear Sister How Would We feel If Aisha, Fatima, khadeejah And
    mariam 'Was' Alive And Come Across Our Page?
    And Saw Us Showing Off Our Body Acting Like strippers, Trying Get
    The most Sexual Attetion From All over The world on the Internet.... more »

  • Women Of Islam

    Oppresed oppresed
    Enough with the word,
    When in real sense
    You oppresed us.... more »