• Aida

    Aida haunts my dreams
    She is not human
    I know only that
    But she lurks... more »

  • Alone

    She sits alone
    It is dark
    It is cold
    Her hand trembles as she picks up the pen... more »

  • Always There

    You are in the closet
    I know
    you are in the shadows at night
    And behind the trees in the day... more »

  • Black Magic

    Black magic
    what is it really?
    It is a trick
    Meant for the mind... more »

  • For You

    I dont know where to look
    At you, or my death
    I choose to look at you
    But not really... more »

  • Forget About Mother

    So many keys
    The door is to my left
    And the key box is to my right... more »

  • Green Meadow

    The green meadow sits in front of me
    So long and so beautiful
    What I would give to walk in that meadow
    With the flowers swaying and the birds chirping... more »

  • I Dont Know The Words To Your Life Story

    Your face is gray
    In the cold dead winter
    You open your mouth
    To tell me a story... more »

  • I Take It For Granted

    I knew you loved me
    I really did
    But now you're going away
    And I don't think I can live... more »

  • Impossible

    Look down
    What do you see?
    I see deep water
    Crisp and blue... more »

  • My Bloody Shins

    My shins tend to get bloody
    And also very muddy
    Don't know what I do to them
    but to make them better... more »

  • Sing A Song

    Sing a song
    For all the people who have gone
    Their light has shone
    But now we're passing on... more »

  • Tan

    I get a tan
    Everytime I'm in the van
    I use SPF by the can
    I even need a fan,... more »

  • Time

    The clock is ticking
    The hourglass pouring
    The timer running
    Where is that girl?... more »

  • Trouble At Granma's House

    I'm goin' to granma's house
    Where as food, we'll get fried mouse
    It's considred a delecacy
    But it ruined my legacy... more »