• ? ? ?

    I hold you in. like my last breath
    I feel you like the most beautiful touch
    Before I lose you forever
    I know I will see you again... more »

  • Ben

    Looking back into the past
    Should've known it wouldn't last
    All the memories torn and twain
    As tears pour down like falling rain... more »

  • Boredom's Haiku

    i am very bored.
    i cannot drive the car yet... more »

  • Dead Inside

    I used to think of how it was
    The past consumes my mind
    I can't remove you
    The memories, they dig into my head... more »

  • Lost Love

    Loving you is so complicated
    When your just my friend
    I've known you for so long
    But it's the last time I'll see you... more »

  • The Gray

    As everything fades away
    As everything turns to gray... more »

  • What's Wrong With Me? !

    What's wrong with me?
    I can't love you
    We're not supposed to love each other
    It would be too awkward... more »