• Driven

    If you’d ask me about you
    I’d say you’ve driven me to the edge
    Grabbed me by the wrists
    Drove the blade through my stomach... more »

  • I Will Not Love

    Strike, strike, strike me down
    I will never fall
    Beat, beat, beat me up
    I will never succumb... more »

  • My Dear

    Oh, how you taunt me so,
    With your fixed glare and deep frown
    When I try to part my lips to speak to you
    I want you so badly... more »

  • Paint Me The World

    Oh Mr. Painter, paint me the world!
    I want rivers that run deep,
    Amber fish that leap
    And forests that run free!... more »

  • Song Of The Moon

    Under the skies I waited
    For your warmth, your touch
    Your kiss against my lips
    Wind howled, moon yawned... more »

  • The Dragon

    Knights quiver in fear of the dragon that flies above
    Draw your swords I dare
    The mighty dragon will swoop down
    And play a game that isn’t so fair.... more »

  • The Woman

    I once met a woman on my daily way
    One that had hair of ebony
    One whose lips were cherry red
    Boy, did she sure make my day.... more »

  • Why Can'T You?

    Strike you across the face, hear you cry
    Fist to the stomach, watch the blood flow
    I kneel down near you, pin you
    Stare into your eyes and kiss your bloody lips... more »