• A Poem

    i say this is a poem
    for the i's i use to refer to me to are small
    i say this is a poem
    for i have emphasized that this is, indeed, a poem... more »

  • Apples To Dust

    apples to dust
    forever in lust
    a coconut falls
    we dont care at all... more »

  • At Its Best

    this constant stationary of nothingness has caused my lack of inspiration
    thoughts buried deep deep in the head causing no motion
    deeper than anything but the ocean... more »

  • Blink And You'Ll Miss It

    Blink and you'll miss it.
    I wonder who first said that line

    Blink and you'll miss it.... more »

  • I Burp You Fart

    my heart is lumpy and pumpy
    you are more adorable than all puppies

    I see your eyes... more »

  • Play

    Today is the 17th of December

    4 days till my 16th birthday
    hooray... more »

  • Sick Heartbreaker

    I am sick

    I am a sick and demented soul who finds pleasure
    and a sense of importance... more »

  • This Is No Enigma

    Whe I write about
    What I now want to write about
    I try to evoke an emotion... more »

  • What Is It?

    What is it that I'm feeling?
    Am I not feeling a thing?
    I am trying
    To at least cling... more »