Nataliea Collins Biography

Hi I am a 16 year old poem writer. All of my poems are original and most of them are inspired by a time in my life when I was going out with my boyfriend. Most are also inspired by my best friend or who used to be my best friend. I have lost a lot of very important people in my life and that was my main reason to write poetry. All my life I have been a good writer and my teachers always told me that one day I should publish a book. I never think I will. I think that my poetry should be kept to myself and only when I am ready to let people read it I will. That was my only reason for putting it on the internet. I know some people think that the stuff I write is to serious but only I am the judge of that and the only person that can guide my life is me and God. I will not be judged by talent but by my authority to keep writing poetry even when people put me down and say I will go no where in life.