• (un) Professionalism

    Engineers are not motivated-
    motivations are often engineered.

    Doctors make the... more »

  • A Birthday Bash

    Time struck nine, the moon was bright
    We headed for the poolside straight
    A birthday bash for a young lass
    Oh, what a gathering it was!... more »

  • A Chronicle Of A ''Carrier''

    As a little girl
    she carried her
    baby brother;
    then... more »

  • A Drive To Gainesville

    The morn was cold, cloudy and dark
    Half past seven, we did embark
    On a trip to town of Gainesville.
    It was nothing but God's sweet will!... more »

  • A Father And Friend

    How soon does time fly with no wings
    And when it comes down, changes things.
    I love the morns I played with you
    You made me walk and carried too.... more »

  • A Living Lesson

    Life's charming, full of meaning;
    No more mourning-no complaining.
    Problems many may daily come
    Confront them-You will overcome!... more »

  • A Morn Is Born

    Heralding the birth of yet another day
    Thro' the window peeps a stealthy ray!
    Perched atop a hut, the cock crows!
    The cow from its shed loudly bellows!... more »

  • A Trail That Thrills

    Willow creek parkway at Lexington hills
    Known as 'Nature's pathway', a trail that thrills.
    Thistles and gold fields, cattails and sedges
    Grow along the wet lands and on edges... more »

  • A Village Fair

    Festoons of fresh leaves
    flutter and utter a
    warm welcome to the
    annual village fair.... more »

  • An Anonymous Letter From An Ex-Lover

    Travel-weary thro' the arduous path of love,
    Wilting under the weight of my emotions now
    Let me give vent to them here, my dear
    Anonymous is this-have no fear.... more »

  • Awesome Folsom

    Idyllic for some, enchanting for some,
    Lovely for some, lyrical for some,
    Pleasant for some, pretty for some.
    Winsome, wholesome and awesome.... more »

  • Beauty Or Fantasy?

    She wore a golden yellow saree
    With border of a reddish hue.
    Rembrandt's portrait straight from gallery?
    Angelo's sculpture turning true?... more »

  • Caricature By A Californian Artist

    Daniel was his name, an artist
    One day with him we had a tryst
    For dollars twenty it was done-
    A caricature with lots of fun.... more »

  • Childhood Memoirs

    The vistas of bygone childhood years
    Pleasant and sweet, will bring forth tears.
    How I wish to go back to those days
    When innocence and joy ruled my ways.... more »

  • Cup Of Joy

    Enjoy, enjoy life's cup of joy
    Don't be sullen, don't sulk or be coy.

    Watch the hues on the heavenly canvass... more »

  • Dream And Life

    I liked to dwell in the realm of dream
    where barriers were broken.
    Limits were all unlimited there,
    and laws were mere flaws.... more »

  • Echo Poem - Pen

    An ECHO POEM is a verse where the last word or syllable in a line is repeated or ECHOED below to form a rhyming line.
    The ECHO in the LAST LINE is the TITLE to the poem.

    ECHO POEM... more »

  • Freedom Courageous

    He who yearns for freedom courageous
    Will he ever crave for anything outrageous?
    He who longs for ambrosia divine
    Will he ever think of toddy or wine?... more »

  • Hail The Fall


    Change is one thing that doesn't change.
    Good and bad often interchange.... more »

  • Happy Forever!

    Day and night -
    dark or bright,
    our earth rotates.... more »

  • Happy Halloween

    My dead tired body
    Slumbered like a
    Lifeless piece of lumber.... more »

  • Happy New Year

    Hark, hark the blithesome chiming of temple bells
    Arrival of the New Year verily it tells
    The past sped fast-it can't last or linger
    Future beckons- the New Year is its harbinger.... more »

  • Harbinger Of Good Times

    Come on, let's welcome the new year!
    Hope, cheer, and joy are all here!
    Bygones are bygones-gone forever.
    Mirthful spirit is the need of the hour!... more »

  • Hello Halloween

    Hello, hello Halloween
    Fun and frolic, you have been.
    Eerie stories doing rounds
    Shades of candles forming hounds.... more »

  • Human Zoo

    I am a zoo by myself
    But, with a difference-
    domestic and animals wild
    reside side by side.... more »