• In Memory Of My Mother- An Elegy

    Rest now.Let all your ailments cease.
    A life of toil ended.Have peace.
    No soothing words your lips shall pour
    Your smile shall comfort us no more... more »

  • Instantaneous Embrace

    Did our mothers know each other?
    Was my father in anyway related to yours?
    How come we got united together?
    Like the rain on red earth's surface... more »

  • Kausalya' Son

    An inimitable icon,
    infallible idealist and
    an endless source of
    inexhaustible inspiration-... more »

  • Laughing Stock

    When 'Bulls' become bullies
    We have to
    'Bear' the losses.
    Investment portfolio is... more »

  • Life's Journey

    In my journey from
    womb to tomb,
    I seek treasures
    and all pleasures.... more »

  • Lines Written At Night

    The stars are gazing;
    The moon's shining;
    The owl does hoot;
    It sounds like toot.... more »

  • Lord Krishna

    The mellifluous mesmeric music
    flowing forth from your
    magic bamboo flute
    transcends time and... more »

  • Lullaby

    For you, my dear, this lullaby I sing;
    Sweet slumber my soft music shall bring!
    Close your eyes to this mundane world-
    A realm of fantasy you'll behold!... more »

  • Message From The Manger (Or) Christmas Tidings

    To Bethlehem went some men
    Reached stable and saw God's Son
    In a manger lying there.
    'What's this, ' they yelled 'It's not fair,... more »

  • Mosquito's Fun

    From where it comes, God only knows.
    Like a war-plane in land of foes
    It spins.swirls, swishes and then swoops
    On a hapless man who shouts 'oops! '... more »

  • Music's Roots

    I went to music concert
    And heard many songs
    It gave me pleasure so much
    For which my heart longs.... more »

  • Niagara Falls

    Roaring and rumbling thunder
    rapidly rolled into
    spectacular and stupefying
    sheets of water,... more »

  • On This Friendship Day...

    On this wonderful 'Friendship day'
    This is what I have to say:
    Friendship is like a fantastic flower
    Which blooms and blossoms forever... more »

  • Our Nation

    The eternal Himalaya is our very own asset
    There's nothing else to equal it as yet!
    The sweetly nourishing Ganges flows here dancing
    Is there a river on earth so entrancing?... more »

  • Our True Love

    Men and women die of old age
    Flowers wither with time's passage
    Words lose their meanings with usage
    But constant is our love's message... more »

  • Pavement Dwellers

    The impoverished Ganesa in an
    improvised ramshackle abode
    presides over the
    proceedings of the... more »

  • Retirement (Or) Till Your Last

    Sixteen is sweet but sixty is sweeter
    Umpteen tests and trials make it greater
    Rush of young blood make us willy nilly
    With age we mature and mellow fully... more »

  • Rise At Dawn

    Little children, rise at dawn-
    Behold all the joys of morn!
    An early bird chirps or sings;
    Fragrance rides on airy wings;... more »

  • San Diego

    Go to San Diego, you go
    Learn history of times long ago.
    Where cultures Spanish-Mexican
    Blend with trend that's American.... more »

  • Seattle's Pike Place Public Market

    Endless is the list of things its sells
    Oh, here are a few that memory tells

    Tangy oranges and tasty apples,... more »

  • 'She'

    she smiles
    an unblemished morning flower
    unfolds.... more »

  • So, This Is America

    So, this is America, we are in.
    Land of Lincoln, Washington, Franklin.
    Confluence of cultures, languages and races
    Where freedom with discipline embraces.... more »

  • Soul

    Worn-out clothes, a person discards
    Fresh and new ones are on the cards.
    Tattered bodies soul casts away
    Takes up new ones to hold its sway.... more »

  • Sun

    Which gives forth

    Which has eternal... more »

  • The Eloquence Of Silence

    The eloquence of silence
    Oh, have you espied?
    Its sense lingers on and on
    Even when words died.... more »