• The Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon

    Millions of years ago... more »

  • The Ruins Of Hampi

    Ruins now reign in Hampi,
    the capital of ' Victory Kingdom'.

    Vanquished and vandalised,... more »

  • The Spirit Of Christmas

    Merrily chimed the steeple bell
    It's Christmas Day, for me to tell.
    Praise our dear Lord, come one, come all.
    Pleased to extend this welcome call'... more »

  • The Statue Of Liberty

    Behold! tall and firm, she stands upright
    Telling tales of freedom, day and night.
    Beaming rays from her torch, 'Welcome' says,
    To million folks with no means or ways... more »

  • The World Has Shrunk

    The world has shrunk into just
    a few sheets of printed stuff
    and thrown at our doorsteps
    every morn from speeding cycles.... more »

  • Times Square (New York)

    Flashy neon signs, funky billboards
    Tourists throng here always in hordes
    Trading hub, commercial center
    Entertainment's epicenter!... more »

  • Trifle Of A Life

    With the hunt
    for the
    daily morsel
    begins the rat race.... more »

  • Tulips Of Skagit Valley

    Rows of rainbows, saw I with mirth
    Not on the sky, but on this earth.
    Bow on sky boasts of colours seven
    Show on earth has all hues of heaven.... more »

  • Turning 62

    Life begins at sixty, they say
    When your hair turns grey, have your way.
    Stages of life at all ages
    Something sure even for sages.... more »

  • Ways Of This World

    Loudly beats the funeral drum and
    laments at one house.
    Soft music surges from the wedlock drum
    at another place.... more »

  • Where Is God?

    'Where is God? 'asked my sister.
    She started to quiz and pester
    'Does He sit on the highest throne
    Watching and judging all alone?... more »

  • William Tell

    William Tell, the hero of the Swiss-
    Bowman whose aim ne'er went amiss.

    Far and wide spread his fame... more »

  • Yoga - A Priceless Gift

    Oh, tell me what is all this gaga
    Over the phenomenon Yoga.?
    It is not new, but an old saga
    Which makes our being sing new raga.... more »