• A Baby Boy

    That morning of the dim sunshine.
    The trees were ripping off roofs of the hurricane.
    I saw the beautiful lady cried in hopeless:
    yelled and screamed ect..... more »

  • A Changing Feeling

    Infatuation is ever feeling,
    As a blue sky drifting by. Like
    A chance developing buds,
    Leaves turning from yellow to... more »

  • A Di Da Buddha

    A Di Da Buddha is so miracle.
    A Di Da likes a big God in my mind.
    Forever thunderstorm or tornado
    When I pray him... more »

  • A Fall Created Most Lovely Scene Ever

    How like a fall created most great scene
    From thee, the pleasure of the fall year!
    What cool have I felt; what lovely days seen,
    what old November's golden leaves everywhere!... more »

  • A Friend Is The Desire Ocean

    A friend is the Desire Ocean
    To see and to touch
    To guide us, to behold us
    To love us that much... more »

  • A Happy Birthday President Barack Obama

    Oh be the bless with all that Heaven can send,
    long Health, long Youth, long pleasure
    with those mankind's world admire,
    riches that more, and vanities that tire.... more »

  • A Happy Birthday President Obama

    This evening, I sat by an orchid window
    and watch till the light was gone and the moonlight
    was no more than a part of the evening.
    I could easily have switched on a clock,... more »

  • A Love

    It is very nice to think of love
    The world is full of love and unbroken hearts,
    With girl saying a love
    In every Buddha land of peace... more »

  • A Love Of God - Poem By Natasa Tocuc

    ... more »

  • A Love Song

    Once, at morning, in the Fall Wood
    My friend and I long silent stood,
    Amazed that any rainbow could
    Decree to part us, bitterly repining.... more »

  • A Love Spring

    So Spring warm weather upon with you watch
    bloom flowers: Tulip, Orchid, Cherry ect..
    That awake Springtime beautiful blue sky... more »

  • A Love Within A Dream

    Take this love upon the brow!
    And, in loving from you now,
    Thus much let me know:
    You are not right who deem... more »

  • A Lovely Leaf

    A lovely leaf
    in my... more »

  • A Mother's Day Poem For Lang Nguyen

    A Mother's Day
    June 28,2008

    Mothers do not like that day.... more »

  • A Spring

    A lovely spring morning arises
    Oh, clouded by worldly arises.

    Four times the bell tolls echoes like a snake.... more »

  • A Spring Love

    Love is bitterfruits
    and sweetfruits that
    everyone want to have.
    Bitterfruits become sweetfruits... more »

  • A Summer Moment

    That summer to mind when the morning start,
    thinking of the gleam of all
    that dreams...
    I feel you/I sing the love song.... more »

  • A Winter Love

    I can feel cold in winter.
    Cold is freezing my wet soil.
    Snowflakes softly make a halo
    as you watch me closer and closer.... more »

  • About My Love

    Now the flowers are all bloomed
    And the morning sunshine is going by.
    The afternoon is arising…
    It is time to take a nap.... more »

  • Afternoon Autumn's Love

    When we walk through the colored leaves.
    Our hearts become warm.
    Your love wraps me up like the great sunshine.
    With you, afternoon Autumn... more »

  • Afternoon Love

    The lovely afternoon as I meet YOU.
    The bluebirds start to sing afternoon love song.
    Flowers bloom everywhere of springtime's.
    We walk through beautiful scenes of the blue afternoon,... more »

  • Amanda Hartley

    For the moon are beams without bringing you dreams
    Of the beautiful soul Amanda;
    And the stars never rise but you feel the bright eyes
    Of the beautiful soul Amanda;... more »

  • Amazing Love Life

    I dedicate this love swallow to you and fly it
    From the balcony of San Jose
    Past the empty chapels of the Desire Ocean.
    My praying hands are cold,... more »

  • Angels

    My Doctors are great angels,
    With such soft gentle eyes,
    and great minds
    I lay entranced upon my bed,... more »

  • Angels As Herself- -

    She walks as lightly as the pig
    Skates on the sky in November.

    To hear her moving jacket... more »