• My Childhood

    Is the long way in the pass,
    with the best souvenirs that I never forget.... more »

  • My Darling

    My darling I miss you so much
    Like the soil misses the water
    Miss having you touch me
    Holding me tight, and feeling your love, my darling... more »

  • My Dearest Mom

    Dear Mom: When I am the baby
    Your kind hands hold me tight in your warmest breasts
    I remember the last time I see you at the sad house
    You were making me sad with your death body... more »

  • My Everlasting Love

    The blue breeze of
    Love meet
    You’re sweet
    Love... more »

  • My Generations

    Each Time I watch my mom
    I find myself draw in
    By an old memories of my father's life
    And his father's before him... more »

  • My Hot Heart Breaking

    He broke my hot heart
    Every piece, shattered
    All I wanted was his love
    Real, as he promised... more »

  • My Inspiration

    Blessing with the poets, and eternal joy,
    Who gave me spirits loves, and spirits cares,
    The poets, who on world have made me inspires
    Of truth and pure love by heavenly gate!... more »

  • My Inspirational Poets

    Let me think of the Vietnamese literature
    let me miss the poet named Ba Huyen Thanh Quan
    Who is so lovely and so warm.
    As her romantic love poems are so clever and... more »

  • My It Instructor - -Mr Hung

    At times when under cover I 'ave thought,
    To keep my mind up an' raise a laugh,
    'Earin 'im pass so busy over-'ead-
    'There's one above is greater than us all'... more »

  • My Laptop

    I turned on my laptop today
    My thought is wandered
    I look into a monitor... more »

  • My Large Space Mind

    If dream were my lovely time this world would be intact,
    I breathe with delight without regret and am come back.
    The time that we meet has put me in my large space mind.
    It has made me realize how beautiful my friend would be?... more »

  • My Love

    I only want to hear his laugh
    for the few seconds,
    to see his face
    To sit next to his bed... more »

  • My Love - Sweet Honey

    My love - sweet honey
    Sweet sweet sweet honey
    See I love here with sweet honey
    And it is better than nectar... more »

  • My Love For My Little Girl With Buddha

    I love a little niece as myself,
    No one can’t compare my love for her,
    Is it possible to think of?
    A greater than myself to know.... more »

  • My Love For You

    I painted you a desire thing,
    With years about a love;
    I little thought to find your love
    A least a dozen more love;... more »

  • My Love For You Is The Desire Ocean

    My love for you is the Desire Ocean
    My heart is the piece of my love passes through
    Your eyes and carry your love for thousand years
    My love for you is the Desire Ocean... more »

  • My Love Of Poetry

    When, in happy with fortune and men's love,
    I all alone make my new poems so quick,
    and feeling wander heaven with my teardrops,
    and look upon myself, and cries my fate,... more »

  • My Lovely Darling

    Thebluebirds are flying,
    the squirrels are running,
    The blue skies spread over the rainbow,
    my darling is driving the car! ! !... more »

  • My Lovely Thoughts

    Once a lovely heart began telling you:
    I am in love within you but look at the sky
    thinking the huge of my flight so high,
    from heaven to gate of hell to earth when you are lost... more »

  • My Lover

    O my love lies there, among the orchid flowers
    And the greenhouse gardens, in the dream-like heaven shine.
    O there the handsome lover sit next to me still
    Linger, in the blithe, verdant places where I played;... more »

  • My Thoughts

    Thinking of you come
    O my dear, darling
    My heart here is hot and warm
    Enable me to love a... more »

  • My Valentine’s Day

    Like the sunshine of early morning
    my love for you is still hot
    My days of the teenager hold me tight
    When love in my mind was there... more »

  • My Young Girl

    Oh! That my young life was a young girl!
    My spirit not selective, till the young girl
    Of an Eternity should bring the sorrow.
    Yes! though' that long love were of hope love,... more »

  • Myself

    Let me pray The Lady Moon again.
    For my love life is not broken.
    For the marvelous dreams
    still alive in mine... more »

  • Myself+++

    I have a work to do
    and yet I'm beautiful.
    I don't, all of me, fit in work;
    I'm lovely,... more »