• Spring

    So Spring the shadow upon with you watch
    Bring the sky into beautiful rainbow

    With me, feeling in love with Spring... more »

  • Spring -

    Sunshine goes out to play, snow go away
    Rabbit comes out to play
    All my friends come out to me in spring
    I play all day it fun playing with my friend... more »

  • Spring Alone

    Spring will be lonely without my mom
    For she died in home, and she was my life.
    She seemed for all to start to recover
    But died suddenly without warning... more »

  • Spring Fever

    I had that spring
    where he were in the class with his friends.
    I once saw him flirted me.
    He changed my heart became blue heaven... more »

  • Spring Flowers

    I cannot wait for spring flowers.
    The invitations have begun to Spring.

    I used to think I loved spring flowers... more »

  • Spring Love

    ... more »

  • Spring Shine

    The warmth Spring, soft touch my face
    With bloom the flowers everywhere
    The sunshine meets the blue skies
    Watch the beautiful morning... more »

  • Spring Without You

    You left me that morning fall.
    The white butterfly was sad.
    Making the colored flowers fall fast.
    AS I sat next to your guitar.... more »

  • Springtime

    The warmth Spring, soft touch my face
    With bloom the flowers everywhere
    The sunshine sparkles the sky
    Watch the beautiful morning... more »

  • Still I Love

    You may have me
    with your bitter, twisted lies,
    you may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I'll love.... more »

  • Such And Such A Love

    10/07/2014 @9: 26am
    The lack of a single-love infinitive
    in our language is what is told me... more »

  • Sufferer

    My friend! Enough to talk you have given,
    The purpose of hating ask no more:
    Nor more would she have talked as due to one:
    Who, in her worst love life, had broken heart?... more »

  • Summer

    The month of summer of all the year,
    When Nature lets the wild flowers go its way,
    and spend summer season on a single day.
    The spring-time holds him red and purple love;... more »

  • Summer Love

    That summer moment exists,
    Thinking of the gleam of all my dreams.
    I feel you /I sing the love song.
    Every days and nights are the happy days... more »

  • Sweet Moment

    Ah yes
    loving is the sweet thought
    promised of tomorrow:
    a smile, a hug or a kiss... more »

  • Teenager

    He knew her when she was teenager.
    The afternoon school break with datings.
    'Purple' of missing..
    Kiss her neck to feel her beauty:... more »

  • Ten

    Screen door open a Country music song
    Mama’s wide eyes watch,
    clean the mess of my room
    Ten year old and I knew all... more »

  • That Summer Moments

    As I sit there dreaming of the morning summer so
    the times you hold me so close
    to see in those beautiful blue skies- the gleam of all... more »

  • The Bittersweet Love

    She left her hometown that Fall.
    The autumn was never came back to her.
    The golden leaves cried for her.
    The golden leaves Fall were all over,... more »

  • The Christmas

    The colourful Christmas tree
    with the gifts,
    and the illuminated lights
    hang on over the trees,... more »

  • The Dream

    saw a famous poet, in my dream,
    Where shady path-ways to a valley dream;
    A weeping willow lay upon that dream,
    And all around the mountains brink were spread... more »

  • The Dream Lover

    To the beautiful Queen of France Marie-Antoinette (1754-1793) .

    She is beautiful under sunshine,
    likes the Orchid flowers of marvelous Spring.... more »

  • The Dreamed Moment

    I am the waiting gate.
    You are drifting away like a love boat.
    The sky is windy that afternoon.
    My soul is lonely and cold.... more »

  • The Eternal Love

    Finally, crying.
    Finally, the kings are on the cornfield.
    The legless dog lies still in the cornfields
    And eventually the fences of the cornfields... more »

  • The Fall

    Let golden leaves rest while the breeze of fall comes still
    before hot summer is started to heel
    for human beings behold, the love is touching still,
    for innocence girl, but wandering on golden leaves... more »