• The Red Tulip

    Winter is almost over.
    Spring will blossom the red tulips.... more »

  • The Red Tulips -Haiku

    Sweet scents red tulips
    Red tulips bring such happiness
    Our hearts are full of pleasure.... more »

  • The Roses

    When the entire heaven gate is welcoming
    On the flowers of the earth
    Carnival of flowers roses’ spreader over
    Kids are love to mother's heart... more »

  • The Seductive Evening

    He met her at the office.
    Got heart-break at the beginning.
    She walked away and told him:
    'Darling, I could not say a word,... more »

  • The Spring Moment

    Colourful Spring flowers
    unconcerned with your smiles
    freely blow your eyes
    soft caresses in the dark... more »

  • The Squirrels

    That morning I saw the squirrel
    wided the eyes and seemed to say:
    'good morning, Ms Wandering'.
    His tail waved me &... more »

  • The Trust

    EVEN such is Time, that takes in trust
    Our youth, our joys, our all we have,
    And I pray and pays us but with heaven of earth and dust;
    Who in the dark and silent lover,... more »

  • The War

    I was born in the Vietnamese War.
    Of the people died in the bloodiest sea.
    Ran away from a Communist
    And the darkness days... more »

  • The Wedding's Day

    The flower’s car was so marvelous.
    Her wedding’s ring illuminated
    under great sunshine.
    Her lips full and pink as roses... more »

  • The Young Girl, An Angel Friend

    Down by the beach, where the water is blue
    My baby friend, I always think of her,
    I remember the day, she went away
    But my memories of her are with me to stay,... more »

  • These Sweet Souvenirs

    I had long remembered those sweet memories
    The day we settled to Virginia hangs in my mind like
    The new season of fall with colorful leaves
    And October's cool Fall.... more »

  • Thich Ca Buddha

    Thich Ca Buddha was the Prince of Northern India.
    To become the Buddha, the Awakened One.... more »

  • Thought

    I like this thought,
    the love of being
    of thoughts.... more »

  • Thoughts

    I will hope to find your thoughts,
    When the thoughts come very great,
    And I'll knew all love and beloved,
    Till all thoughts becomes clearly,... more »

  • Time Pass By

    It's like I just turned fifty-eight
    and found a beautiful tulip
    Bloom in the garden,
    looking at the reflection of moon and heaven shine... more »

  • Time Pass By...

    It's like I just turned fifty-eight
    and found a beautiful tulip
    Bloom in the garden,
    looking at the reflection of moon and heaven shine... more »

  • To August 4,2016 A Happy Birthday Obama

    Oh be the bless with all that Heaven can send,
    Long Health, long Youth, long Pleasure
    with those mankind's world admire,
    Riches that more, and Vanities that tire.... more »

  • To Barack And Michelle Obama

    I want to know
    how much my love is for them.

    And so lovely! Because my, is so unconscious... more »

  • To My Beloved Amanda

    Because I feel that, in the skies above.
    The angels, playing to one another,
    can find among their burning terms of love.
    None so dearest as that of 'Amanda, Amanda'.... more »

  • To The Lilies

    To The Lilies
    Upon this beautiful lilies
    I touch and place them on my hair
    Undecided to play guitar with all the others... more »

  • Together

    He play the guitar and looks into me
    The sweet heart, gentle eyes and soft voice
    To see if I love him
    He has confidence I remembers... more »

  • Traveling With Love

    Not as I since have loved him, as a desire
    And surety of my eternal life, a light
    Which I behold and feel he loves me
    Nor for his wish to so many words-... more »

  • Tulip

    The tulip is tulip,
    and was always tulip.
    But the theory now goes
    That theplum's tulip,... more »

  • Unknown Heroes

    To dedicate the unknown soldiers who died for freedom of Iraq

    I am normal woman,
    live in the sweet dreams... more »

  • Untitled

    And then I sat there
    As if in a rain
    within the gentle breeze of but a few
    Yet time just allow us joy... more »