• If You Are …

    You and I are a lonely lover, I wonder
    Where you'd go,
    You'd wander in that warm FALL
    In the garden of falling leaves... more »

  • If You Love Me

    IF You Love Me
    I want you to know
    one thing.... more »

  • If You Love...

    If you can keep your love when all about you
    Are loving theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can love yourself when all women doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too:... more »

  • I'M Happy

    Of all of God's love
    I love both of you foremost
    Fullest inspiration
    And kindness utmost... more »

  • I'M Happy In New Year‘s Eve 2014 Of All Of God's Love

    Of all of God's love
    I love both of you foremost
    Fullest inspiration
    And kindness utmost... more »

  • In His Hands

    She missed his hands so much.
    For him arouses at mid-night,... more »

  • In Madly Love

    In my love I dream of you
    Hidden inside a tough love
    Stars shining the twinkle love
    I hide into your love thoughts... more »

  • Independence Day America

    Independence Day America
    to begin once again,
    to let American to
    have the freedom, the dreams,... more »

  • It Is Rather Blue In Paper

    It is rather blue in paper
    I am writing these poems
    from inside a paper,
    and it is rather blue in paper.... more »

  • It's Lover I Love Deeply

    When it's time
    For me
    To think of the
    Men... more »

  • Joy - Adult Content

    When I thought of him as
    the smiles, the beliefs and fascinations
    leaded me with all the lovely desires.
    My joy for HIM is never ending.... more »

  • Joy Love

    Skinny tough road
    In the middle of the joy love.
    That led to the house of joy.
    I took it. The engine nearly... more »

  • Kiss Of My Desire Ocean

    Your eyes overwhelms me
    As You wrap your arms around me
    I press your softness tight
    Great love fills my well being... more »

  • Late Fall Rain

    Let the fall rain kiss you
    Let the fall rain beat upon your head with silver pearl drops
    Let the late fall rain sing you a lullaby
    The late rain makes still pools on the sidewalk... more »

  • Let Enjoy The Poetry

    Hey, my darling!
    Walking like the rabbit
    Running behind to find any luck
    By luck and hope... more »

  • Let Me Dream Of You...

    Let me dream of you
    through the huge Pacific Sea
    Let my soul sinks with you
    If the weather never have thunderstorm... more »

  • Letter For Dad

    Today is my daddy's Day.
    I am looking at the alter with the sadness.
    My daddy was placed in the old frame.
    In the temple, I hold my daddy's... more »

  • Letter For You, My Darling

    Along the letter's friends
    with all the sentences
    though I read with happiness and joy,
    compiling all the words of love you are sent,... more »

  • Life

    Hold fast to love
    For if dreams love
    Life is an unbroken-winged lovely bird
    That can fly.... more »

  • Life Goes On

    He gave her half of his life.
    The half of his life for someone else.
    He keeps playing and never gets bored.
    This afternoon he gets lovesick.... more »

  • Life In Dark

    Blind -
    Never love
    While I am me, and you are you
    So long as the world contains us in dark,... more »

  • Life Is Like Fall

    Let golden leaves rest while the breeze of fall comes still
    before hot summer is started to heel
    for human beings behold, the love is touching still,
    for innocence girl, but wandering on golden leaves... more »

  • Life With Buddha

    This mind is me.

    I am limited by this.... more »

  • Lilies

    Oh! Is there my lily?
    What does the color beauty touch me?
    Has come to be my lily?
    That special moment in time... more »

  • Lily

    Lilies are so tenderness and full desires of love
    within your soul
    As you 're soft and I am emotive with sense of love.
    The feelings of lilies to be found within... more »